Tony Pacini Performs A Short Solo Piano Piece

I recently went to Classic Pianos of Portland to play on a former colleague’s piano. We had talked in the past about setting up a time when I could visit her apartment to play on her Yamaha S4 piano, but due to our busy schedules never managed to connect a time to do so before she decided to trade in her piano. Upon learning of the trade, I quickly managed to get out to Classic Pianos to play on it before someone bought it. Her particular piano, a circa mid 2000’s Yamaha S4, was “toned-down” for her small apartment with low ceilings. The superb technician who modified this instrument was my friend Rick Zackery, manager of Classic Pianos Portland. This particular piano has an extremely soft, and warm tone, yet is fully capable of producing crystal clear, accented notes without the usual volume one expects due to Rick’s “customized-for-client” modifications. The quality is still exactly what one expects from the high-end “S” series. Additionally, those modifications for small apartment living made it an ideal choice for a quick, impromptu recording on a Galaxy S3 phone, recorded at Classic Pianos in Portland Oregon, February 24, 2013.


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